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Camino Real Gold Tequila 70cl / 40%

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Camino Real Gold Tequila 700ml The distillery of Camino Real with its 70-year history of making tequila, is located in the district of Jalisco in the city of Tequila in Mexico. The agaves used in making Camino Real grow in fields at 2,000 metres above sea level, hence the name Camino, i.e. “high” in Spanish. 

The golden amber-like colour of Camino Real Gold Tequila results from the drink seasoning in oak barrels which adds a light bitterish-sweet subtone to the taste. The agaves used in making Camino Real grow in fields at 2,000 metres above sea level, hence the name Camino, i.e. “high” in Spanish.

Tasting Notes

Try this tequila - golden amber in color due to the American charred oak barrels it was matured in. The aging adds a light bitterish-sweet subtone to its taste.

Appearance: Light gold

Nose: Mild

Palate: Light, agave, hints of oak

Finish: Long lasting


Tequila Cruda (Tequila shots)


Pinch of kosher salt or sea salt
1.5oz Camino Real Gold Tequila
Lime wedge

Shot glasses


  1. Moisten the back of your hand between thumb and index finger (usually by licking) and pour on a pinch of salt.
  2. Lick salt off your hand. The salt lessens the burn of the tequila.
  3. Immediately drink shot glass of tequila quickly.
  4. Immediately bite into and ​suck on lime or lemon wedge. The sour fruit balances and enhances the flavor of the tequila.


Camino Real tequila is made from a special kind of blue agave - Weber, which is grown only in the vicinity of the states of Jalisco, Nayarit, Michoacán and Guanajuato in Mexico, and can not be breeding in other places. To produce one liter of Camino Real is required from 3.5 to 7, 5 kg of ripe fruit of agave, which is processed at its own distillery in the Mexican city of Tequila, the compulsory state certification. Only tequila Camino Real Mexican Government awarded the title of "Grand Tequila", and it speaks about the highest quality beverage, because tequila is carefully controlled by the authorities. Its name tequila Camino Real was due to the Spaniards, who in the 16th century so called path leading to the capital of New Spain, as Mexico was then called. Today it is very easy to distinguish from other tequilas on the original form of the bottle, made in the form of a pumpkin guahe from which for centuries were made in Mexico hiking flask.

Tequila Camino Real Gold 51% consists of blue agave distillate, the remaining 49% - this is an alcohol made from sugar cane molasses. Due to this mix tequila has an original taste, in which the notes of blue agave diluted light tones of caramel, something reminiscent of rum shades. Camino Real Gold has all the advantages of a full tequila made from 100% agave and thus yavletsya excellent alternative to more expensive premium tequilas.