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Martini Brut 75cl / 11.5%

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In the rich soil of Veneto-Fruilli, the grapes that make our Brut are grown to the highest standards and mostly picked by hand, a testament to our long relationship with the producers of this region.

Tasting Notes

Subtle, savoury complexity and fruitiness yield to a satisfyingly crisp almond finish, thanks to a secret blend of Chardonnay, Trebbiano and Garganega grapes. Perfect for everyday toasts.


Martini Brut by the glass

Serve well chilled in a wine glass, to allow the rich fragrance of MARTINI Brut to fully develop in the bowl.


The dry, crisp character of MARTINI Brut is ideal with salty snacks or classic Mediterranean flavours such as oregano, olive oil and basil. Try teaming it with buttered sourdough bread and salmon – the rich, fatty textures will cut through the acidity of the Brut.