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Walmae Makgeolli Korean Rice Wine 75cl

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Jinro Walmae Makgeolli Rice Wine is brewed using premium white rice, and is fermented at a low temperature over a long period of time. This technique delivers a unique, soft, and clean taste. Rice wine has a low alcoholic content that is a lot kinder to the body, and many nutritious ingredients with a refreshing natural flavor. Serve chilled and shake gently.

ABV: 6%


As the first carbonated Makgeolli in Korea, It is packaged in heat and pressure-resistant PET bottles of 750ml/1000ml for longer storage. It is developed for export, as it can be stored for a longer time. 
The sediment accumulated at the bottom of the bottle contains healthful ingredients of rice that have anti-cancer effects. Keep cool and shake the bottle to enjoy the great taste of the Makgeolli.
Seoul Jangsoo have been dedicated to brewing Makgeolli for over 50 years.
Established on Februry 1, 1962, the Seoul Korean Rice Liquor Brewing Association is the nation’s largest and oldest brewer of the traditional Korean rice liquor, MAKGEOLLI.
There are 7 factories in Seoul, one factory in Chungcheong-do. We can distribute Makgeolli all over the country.
And are exporting about 30 countries to inform the Korea traditional rice wine.
To deliver the best taste of Makgeolli in all four seasons, they have made substantial investments in facilities. And, using low-temperature fermentation and maturing processes, we have remedied particular shortcomings of Makgeolli such as sourness.