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42 Below Feijoa Vodka 700ml

  • Testing note
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Testing note

Appearance: Crystal Clear

Nose:  Intense and unmistakable, with a powerful scent of Feijoa, and undertones of jasmine

Palate: initial sensation is one of heat, though this owes more to the intense, tart bite of Feijoa, than to an unwelcome note of alcohol. There is also a sensation of the gritty flesh of the fruit itself, even though the vodka is unmistakably clear and pure. 

Finish: quite spectacular; a lingering, haunting hint of Feijoa long after the vodka itself has gone

ABV: 40%

Product detail

With such a distinctive flavour can pose a challenge at the bar, and 42 BELOW Feijoa is best served with mixers that match its tart bite. Limes, kiwifruit, and sour apple schnapps are three such examples, though light flavours such as true lemonades, apple juices and ginger beer are equally fantastic.

42 Below is the world's most awarded vodka brand, and the Feijoa Vodka is no exception. This New Zealand-crafted vodka has flavours centred around the Feijoa, a small evergreen shrub native to the Southern hemisphere. 

42 Below do not just add feijoa juice or synthesize the flavour. They collect the flesh of the fruit. They gather the heady, fruity steam produced when it is heated. They turn that into a liquid which is the very essence of the feijoa, and they infuse that into the vodka.